Fire Prevention Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Jordan, Perla, Sol, John, Kaden, Cruz', Deegan, Leah, Kaylin, Christian, and Joshua for placing in the top three for the Fire Prevention Essay/Poster Contest within the four categories: third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and a special category for all grades.  The results of the contest are as follows:
3rd Grade:
1st Place - Kaylin, Mrs. Kittell's class
2nd Place - Joshua, Mr. Forston's class
3rd Place - Leah, Mrs. Somers' class
4th grade:
1st Place - John, Mr. Jones' class
2nd Place - Christian, Ms. Tingle's class
3rd Place - Kaden, Ms. Tingle's class
5th Grade:
1st Place - Perla, Ms. Whitelock's class
2nd Place - Sol, Ms. Whitelock's class
3rd Place - Deegan, Ms. Whitelock's class
Special Category for all Grades:
1st Place - Cruz', Ms. Whitelock's class
2nd Place - (Seaford Middle School student - congratulations!)
3rd Place - Jordan, Ms. Whitelock's class