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Frederick Douglass 2019 Recognition School

 Frederick Douglass Elementary School, Seaford School District, Recognition School
Carol Leveillee, Principal
The school is proud of the transformation that has occurred over the last 4 years. The staff and students have worked tirelessly to achieve these results. Everything that is done at Fred is all about the students. Their improvement is due to the collective belief in the students and the staff. When there is a belief in someone and they are held accountable, great things can and will happen. Staff teach using the district curriculum and content standards as the core. They strategically maximize student needs. There is an all-hands on deck approach when creating staff schedules. The staff constantly looks at data and makes decisions based on what the data says whether it is common assessment data, interim Smarter data, discipline data, or attendance data. Through PLCs, faculty meetings, and professional development days, they have fostered a sharing and learning community for not only our students but our staff. Frederick Douglass is a great place to be but they are not finished yet.
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2019 Recognition School


Secretary of Education Susan Bunting recognized 17 schools from across the state for their students’ academic achievement today.

The students showed exceptional performance on state tests or made remarkable progress in closing the achievement gaps between student groups, including those from low-income families, racial minority groups and students with disabilities.

Each building named a 2019 Recognition School will receive an $8,000 award. Funding for the awards comes from the state's school improvement funds. Two buildings were named a School of Continued Excellence because they earned Recognition School honors last year and had outstanding performance again this year. Those schools are not eligible for a financial award again until 2020. Two buildings also will be recognized as National ESEA Distinguished Schools.

The Recognition School awards were created by legislation passed by the Delaware General Assembly in 2009.
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1st quarter Principal's Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the students who earned the Principal's Hall of Fame award.
The Principal's Hall of Fame award is the most difficult academic award for students to earn. They must have worked hard to get straight A's in all of their academic classes.
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1st quarter Kid of Character Award

Congratulations to the students who earned the Kid of Character award. The Kid of Character award is the most difficult behavioral award to earn. Students must earn a blue or better average for their quarterly pin-chart data.
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Special Board Meeting

There will be a Special Board Meeting on Monday, October 7, 2019 prior to the regularly scheduled Board Workshop for the purpose of holding interviews of candidates to fill the vacant board seat. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of Seaford Central Elementary School and will begin promptly at 5:00 p.m. The regularly scheduled Board Workshop Meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. at the same location.
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